Agilyx Joins AmSty, INEOS Styrolution and Trinseo as Technology Partner to Accelerate Realization of Circular Polystyrene

Four of the leading players in polystyrene production and recycling have initiated a Non-Disclosure Agreement to explore and optimize advanced recycling technologies for polystyrene, such as depolymerization. The agreement will accelerate steps by the industry to reduce plastic waste by creating a more circular economy for polystyrene.

Agilyx, the pioneer in chemical recycling of post-use plastic streams, will collaborate with leading polystyrene producers AmSty, INEOS Styrolution and Trinseo to identify and develop the best design and supply chain approach to produce new high-value recycled products from polystyrene waste. Agilyx’s approach builds upon the intrinsic properties of polystyrene to allow the production of even food grade material from polystyrene post-consumer waste.


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