American Chemistry Council principles for certification standards for chemically recycled content in products

The ACC’s Plastics Division released a set of principles it would like to see in certification standards for chemically recycled content in products.

Under the umbrella of “advanced recycling” are technologies that break down scrap plastics into other chemicals, which can then be purified and fed into equipment producing new plastic, chemicals and fuels.

In a press release, ACC emphasized the importance of consistent third-party mass balance accounting standards and a transparent certification process.

“Plastics converters, brand owners and retailers will be able to use outputs from advanced plastic recycling technologies with added confidence by relying on these standards for supporting circular economy marketing claims,” Craig Cookson, senior director for recycling and recovery in ACC’s Plastics Division, stated in a press release. “The flow of molecules through the advanced recycling process and back into the production of plastics, chemicals and fuels should be tracked from start to finish in order to certify recycled content in end products.”

Find the press release and the principles here:

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