BASF and Mitsui Chemicals launch study to support chemical recycling in Japan

BASF Japan and Mitsui Chemicals have started a collaborative study to promote chemical recycling in Japan. Through cooperation across the value chain, BASF and Mitsui Chemicals will evaluate collaborative business models and various options to commercialize chemical recycling in Japan to address the local challenge of plastic waste recycling.

In recent years, efforts toward carbon neutrality and recycling of plastic resources have been accelerating worldwide. In Japan, too, plastic recycling is becoming increasingly important. The Japanese government formulated various measures, including its “Green Growth Strategy Through Achieving Carbon Neutrality,” in December 2020 to achieve sustainability goals by 2050. In particular, chemical recycling is attracting attention.

As part of their cooperation, BASF and Mitsui Chemicals also want to accelerate discussions with related ministries, agencies, and industry groups for implementation of chemical recycling in Japan, and promote the effective and efficient use of recycled materials in the country.


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