Berry Global Announces Agreement With Borealis for the Supply of Circular Polyolefins

Berry Global Group announced its continued leading investments in access to circular polyolefins from advanced recycling. These polyolefins are enabled by the adoption of new chemical recycling technologies, of post-consumer plastic waste not suitable for traditional recycling. In this agreement, Berry collaborates with a leading supplier of polyolefin solutions, Borealis, for access to its first volumes of the in-demand circular polyolefins made from chemical recycling. This announcement adds to Berry’s access to the 600 million pounds of post-consumer recycled (PCR) content by 2025.

Berry will use the polypropylene from chemical recycling to manufacture food packaging for longtime global brand owners, creating a package made exclusively from resins made from chemical recycling. A preferred substrate for food, plastic provides high levels of product protection, while also being increasingly recycled. The package will be manufactured at one of Berry’s existing European manufacturing facilities and will launch in the upcoming quarter.


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