BioCellection uses chemistry in plastic recycling

Two young Canadian entrepreneurs Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao founded BioCellection. They are developing innovative solutions for plastics that are not currently or are rarely recycled due to their lack of uniformity or the degree of contamination. Their start-up has developed a recycling process to transform plastics (in particular polyethylene) into high market value virgin-quality chemicals that can be used as building blocks in the manufacture of new products.

The BioCellection technology is a chemical recycling process. A chemical reaction breaks the chemical bonds between the molecules to reduce them into simple molecules.
The resulting organic acids (succinic acid, glutaric acid and adipic acid, among others) are intermediate chemicals that are used in many high-performance materials for cars, electronics and clothing. Adipic acid, for example, is used in the manufacture of nylon.

The start-up treats 1 to 2 kg of plastic film every three hours. 90% of the plastic waste is converted into biodegradable chemicals. And to do it, the start-up uses no more energy than a TV screen.


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