Bluecycle wants to extract oil from plastic waste in a new factory in Heerenveen

The Bluecycle company wants to build a factory in Heerenveen that will extract oil from plastic waste.
The investment of ten million euros should generate twenty-five to thirty jobs.
There is a permit application for the factory with the province. Initiator Nico Vos thinks that the first oil can be produced in six months

According to Vos, Bluecycle, which is located on the industrial estate, can annually extract 16.5 million liters of oil from the residual waste of plastics. These flows come from waste processor Omrin, among others, but also from other companies in the Northern Netherlands.

The conversion of residual waste into a new raw material takes place via the so-called pyrolysis process. The plastic is heated in an oxygen-free installation to 450 degrees.


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