Borealis drives collaborative project in Sweden to increase supply of chemically recycled feedstock

Borealis has commenced a new project to secure an increased supply of chemically recycled feedstock for the production of more circular base chemicals and polyolefin-based products. A feasibility study for a chemical recycling unit to be established at the Borealis production location in Stenungsund, Sweden is now underway.

Funded in part by a grant awarded by the Swedish Energy Agency, the study is being carried out with project partner Stena Recycling. Fortum Recycling and Waste, a leading provider of recycling and waste management services in the Nordics, is also applying for public funding to carry out a feasibility study.

Provided a successful feasibility study and final investment decision, operations are expected to begin in 2024. The unit will help accelerate the transformation to plastics circularity by enabling the replacement on a larger scale of fossil-based feedstock by integrating more chemically recycled feedstock via the mass balance model.

The study would define the technical requirements for the pre-treatment of plastics, quality control, and the sourcing of suitable materials. It should also determine the necessary requirements for permitting and investments with the aim to produce feedstock from plastic waste to Borealis chemical recycling unit.


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