DPI and ISPT launch Circular Plastics Initiative

Two Netherlands-based organisations – ISPT and DPI – are launching the Circular Plastics Initiative, bringing together major players that play a role in the plastic recycling chain in an international collaboration.

The initiative aims to interconnect all parties involved chemical companies, food producers and waste processors from various countries, including global packaging company Amcor, recycling multinational Tomra, waste processor Omrin, international toy manufacturer LEGO and chemical giants such as Dow and Nouryon, have already joined the collaboration.

One of the projects aims to analyse chemical recycling (in particular pyrolysis and gasification) in more detail and in relation to the value chain. In this technology, plastic waste is reduced to its chemical building blocks, which can then be reused to make virgin plastic. The relation between the quality of the input, the process and the processing factors and the quality of the output will be examined, as well as how this could be influenced.

Read more at https://www.polymers.nl/news/dpi-and-ispt-launch-circular-plastics-initiative

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