EEW and Der Grüne Punkt develop innovative process for sustainable recycling

EEW Energy from Waste GmbH (EEW) and DSD – Duales System Holding GmbH & Co. KG intend to join forces to develop a process for treating mixed plastics and waste left after sorting in the German dual system for packaging recycling, for instance. Both companies have agreed to establish a joint venture and by the end of 2021 intend to develop a technically and commercially viable process for treating 200,000 tons of plastic waste a year in a recycling plant that both partners will jointly build and operate. The input materials for this facility are to come from the waste flows of both DSD and EEW.

Materials considered for the planned treatment process are, for example, flat thin mixed plastics from the German Recyclables Bin or the Yellow Sack / Yellow Bin, waste with a plastics content left after sorting lightweight packages in the dual system, and treatment residues from the two plastics recycling lines operated by Der Grüne Punkt. Before using household garbage for thermal waste treatment in its facilities, EEW will remove any plastic waste from it, thus making these quantities available for chemical recycling.

After the cooperation partners EEW and DSD have treated this plastic waste, it will then be chemically recycled by a service provider in what is called an oiling process that turns waste into oil by means of pyrolysis, for example. The pyrolysis oil obtained will be offered for sale as a basic ingredient for producing ultra-pure foodgrade plastics, e.g. to branded-article companies, which can use it for manufacturing new packaging


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