Evonik is pooling its activities for circular plastics in a global program

Evonik is pooling its activities for circular plastics in a global program. Overall, the company expects its global circular plastics program to generate additional sales of more than €350 million a year by 2030.

Additives and technologies from Evonik make mechanical and chemical recycling more efficient thus improving the availability of circular plastics. Evonik will also increase the use of sustainable raw materials from circular sources in its own production processes.

Evonik is also working on various chemical recycling technologies for plastic waste that cannot be recycled mechanically. For example, Evonik is currently developing a process to facilitate recycling of heavily contaminated polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste. New molecules for high-end applications can be obtained via methanolysis.

Another method of chemical recycling is controlled incineration of plastic waste to produce pyrolysis oils or synthesis gases. Evonik offers modern technologies that play a part in making these processes more efficient. Examples are additives, catalysts, and membranes for the treatment of gas.

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