Fraunhofer IMWS and RECENSO form partnership for chemical recycling

Fraunhofer IMWS and RECENSO GmbH want to support the establishment of chemical recycling solutions by pooling their expertise.

“We have a lot of experience and excellent research opportunities in the field of chemical recycling and pyrolysis. RECENSO has developed the CARBOLIQ process, which can be used to convert a wide range of waste streams into pyrolysis oil, ” says Prof. Bernd Meyer, who heads the Fraunhofer IMWS branch for carbon cycle technologies in Freiberg and oversees the cooperation. “In addition to the high flexibility of the input material, the CARBOLIQ process is also characterized by the high yield of liquid products and the limitation of the process temperature to 380 ° C. In contrast to other thermo-chemical conversion processes, this prevents the formation of toxic substances such as dioxins and furans. ”

“In our cooperation with Fraunhofer, we want to further develop the CARBOLIQ technology and establish the process as a central component for the recycling of plastic-containing waste, where mechanical processes reach their limits. In this way, we tap into an enormous potential in secondary raw materials and make a significant contribution to conserving resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, «says Christian Haup, managing partner of RECENSO.

In a first step, a pilot plant will be built in Freiberg, in which basic feedstock analyzes and process analyzes will be carried out. The focus here is on plant technology and the process engineering understanding of CARBOLIQ technology. With the knowledge gained in this way, the process is then optimized with regard to different feedstocks and also the qualities of the new liquid resource.


Read more about Recenco here.

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