Geminor commits to deliver 20,000 tonnes of waste plastics to Quantafuel for chemically recycling

A new cooperation paves the way for the first ever circular economy loop based on chemical recycling of waste plastics. Geminor is now committing to deliver 20,000 tonnes of waste plastics to Quantafuel’s plant for chemically recycled feedstock for new plastic production.

In the first quarter of 2020, Norwegian company Quantafuel will open a plant in Skive in Denmark, transforming waste plastic into chemical feedstock for new plastic and a range of other chemicals. German chemical company BASF recently entered a cooperation with Quantafuel, investing 20 million Euros with a view to secure and increase Quantafuel’s coming production.

According to the agreement, Quantafuel will deliver chemically recycled feedstock from Skive to BASF’s production site in Ludwigshafen/Germany, where production of the first commercial volumes of plastic products based on this feedstock will take place.


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