IN4Climate.NRW publishes report about chemical recycling

An analysis from IN4climate.NRW proves: expanding chemical plastics recycling offers many opportunities for climate protection.

Using pyrolysis for mixed plastic waste can make the chemical industry and waste management more climate-friendly, as demonstrated by the discussion paper “Chemical Plastics Recycling” now published by the IN4climate.NRW state-based initiative. In the paper, the authors point out potentials and development perspectives for North Rhine-Westphalia – with the aim of creating a scientific foundation for investment decisions and project development in line with the circular economy.

“Chemical recycling can make an important contribution to ecological structural change in NRW. The technological principles of plastics pyrolysis are available. It is now important to continue developing these principles and to translate them into concrete strategies and pilot projects in cooperation between science and industry,” explains Samir Khayat, Managing Director of the IN4climate.NRW initiative.


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