INEOS and LACTEL partner to produce the world’s first HDPE Milk Bottles from advanced recycling

INEOS O&P EUROPE is making a significant investment to develop a comprehensive portfolio of circular solutions for the packaging industry. The collaboration with LACTEL is a major milestone in this direction.

LACTEL is the first dairy brand, in collaboration with INEOS, to explore a solution for UHT milk bottles produced with circular polyethylene, derived from post-consumer recycled material.

“This trial production of 140,000 milk bottles, based on HDPE from advanced recycling technology, is a world first and a major step forward for Lactel towards a circular economy. This new innovative product will be used in the Montauban production plant for an initial production run. At Lactel we are extremely excited to bring this new environmental innovation to our iconic milk bottles”, explains Anne Charles-Pinault – Lactel France General Manager.

After an independent certification process Lactel’s Montauban plant has been successfully RSB* certified this April 2021. The milk bottles produced in this way are compliant with food safety regulations and are fully recyclable.


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