INEOS Signs Agreement With Plastic Energy For Its Largest Plant To Produce 100,000 Tonnes Of Raw Materials From Plastic Waste

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe and Plastic Energy, have announced a Memorandum Of Understanding to produce 100,000 tonnes per annum of recycled raw materials from plastic waste. This will be the largest use of Plastic Energy technology on the market. These new raw materials will enable a circular approach to produce essential plastic items that meet the requirements of demanding food contact and medical applications.

Production will be based in Köln, Germany. Plastic Energy’s patented TAC™ recycling technology will turn difficult-to-recycle plastic waste into TACOIL™, a Plastic Energy product that can be used to create virgin-quality polymers.

INEOS will also invest in technology to process the TACOIL™ further before feeding it to their steam crackers, where it will replace traditional raw materials derived from oil.


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