Ioniqa takes first 10 kiloton pet upcycling factory into operation

With the commissioning of the first 10 kiloton plant in the Netherlands Ioniqa honours their promise, made earlier this year, to achieve endless upcycling of PET plastics on an industrial scale.

Tonnis Hooghoudt, Ioniqa’s CEO and Founder, said: “With this colossal step forward, Ioniqa is now the main contributor worldwide to actually closing this loop for PET plastics in the circular economy. Taking in and upcycling all types of PET plastics at this scale (including coloured PET), into high-grade raw materials for food grade packaging, can even make us close the oil tap for making new PET plastic !”

During this summer the first batches of PET plastic waste are being taken in and processed at the 10-kiloton plant. Further refinements will ensure an optimal operational capacity during this year.


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