Itero Technologies named No. 1 Top 100 Start-ups, Businesses, and Entrepreneurs 2022

Itero Technologies, a chemical recycling company, have been named in the top position of the TechRound 100.

The TechRound 100 celebrates innovative start-up and tech companies and received over 3000 applications this year. It is the annual flagship event for the UK TechRound, a news platform for the latest start-up and technology news in London and the UK.

Itero Technologies recently raised €6m in funding, led by €5m from Infinity Recycling’s Circular Plastics Fund (CPF). Itero is in the process of developing their 27k tonnes per annum plastic-to-product demonstration plant at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus in Sittard-Geleen, Netherlands. Itero’s pilot plant in the UK continues to test a variety of mixed feedstocks and Itero has successfully confirmed the product quality and safety of their patented pyrolysis process.


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