Joint project by SOCAR R&D and METU for chemical recycling of plastic waste

SOCAR Turkey R&D and Innovation Co. has launched a joint project with METU. The cooperation of these two companies aims to realize innovative technologies for the use of plastic wastes recycled into raw materials.

Founded by SOCAR Turkey, the major direct foreign investor in Turkey, for development of innovative, sustainable, environment-friendly products and digital technologies, SOCAR Turkey R&D and Innovation Co. has launched a joint project with Middle East Technical University (METU) for the chemical recycling of plastic waste. As part of the METU Technology Transfer Office (TTO) initiated project, researchers from SOCAR R&D and METU will study the use of waste plastics in continuous and sustainable production of cracker feedstock by recycling those into basic components. In this way, an important step will be taken towards the development of basic technology to contribute to the circular economy while preserving natural resources.

Stating that SOCAR Turkey will also have the opportunity to develop its own method and technology through the project to last 3 years, Bilal Guliyev, General Manager of SOCAR Turkey R&D and Innovation Co., said: “Our primary goal is to develop new technologies. After the resolution on implementation on industrial scale is taken, we plan to provide feedstock from the companies engaged in waste management and other sources, where such wastes can be obtained. This project will also allow for the use of wastes generated within SOCAR Turkey. Through chemical recycling of waste plastics, we aim to contribute both to the environment and sustainable economy by development of an alternative resource for naphtha, the primary raw material input of Petkim, and to creation of new business models that will provide competitive advantage to SOCAR Turkey.

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