MARS, SABIC and Landbell partner in closed loop initiative

SABIC has joined forces with MARS and Landbell in an advanced recycling project designed to close the loop on flexible packaging using certified circular polypropylene (PP) from the company’s TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio. In a joint initiative with major market players, biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film based on SABIC’s certified circular PP from feedstock recycling of post-consumer, used plastics will be introduced by Mars in the packaging of their KIND® primary healthy snack bar brand.

The loop starts with the collection of mixed used plastics coordinated by Landbell Group. Landbell works with Hündgen Entsorgung to sort the mixed used plastics and delivers the mixed material to Plastic Energy, a global leader in advanced recycling technology, where it is converted to pyrolysis oil, called TACOIL, through their patented TAC process (thermal anaerobic conversion). The pyoil serves as alternative feedstock in SABIC’s production process of virgin-quality food-contact approved PP polymer, which is pelletized and supplied to Taghleef Industries, a world leading provider of biaxially oriented PP (BOPP) film.

SIT Group, a key supplier of high-quality printed flexible plastic packaging to the European consumer market, uses the BOPP film manufactured by Taghleef with SABIC’s certified circular polymer to create printed BOPP roll-fed packaging for KIND brand snack bars and delivers it to Mars, Incorporated, a global leader in confectionery, food, and pet food products.


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