Plastic Energy supports West Java to build waste treatment sites to turn plastic into raw materials, fuels

The West Java administration will construct waste treatment sites that process plastic waste into diesel fuels and raw plastic materials that it hopes will be used by 2023.
The project is a collaboration between the provincial administration and United Kingdom-based plastic processing company Plastic Energy. The company has helped initiate feasibility studies that the administration is currently running.

Governor Ridwan Kamil said the facilities would be built in five locations, including Bekasi, Tasikmalaya and Cirebon. The other two would be at landfills in Sarimukti, West Bandung, and Galuga, Bogor.

There will be two plants in each location. One plant, which will take nine months to build, will separate plastic waste from other waste. Meanwhile, the other plant will include a petrochemical processor that will take around two years to construct.
Plastic Energy CEO Carlos Monreal said his company allocated at least 50 million euros (US$55 million) for the construction of waste treatment facilities in each location.

The company uses patented Thermal Anaerobic Conversion technology to convert end-of-life plastics, turning plastic waste into a new feedstock to create clean recycled plastics or alternative low-carbon fuels.


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