PYROWAVE to receive 3,2 M$ from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada Funding to advance plastic circularity

Pyrowave will be one of 14 cleantech companies across Canada who will leverage $46 million in funding from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to bring new and innovative clean technologies to market.

Pyrowave has been granted 3,2 M$ to extend its technology platform of chemical plastic-to-plastic recycling to mix plastics, a strategic investment for the Canadian pioneer.

Pyrowave’s innovative technology emits three times less Greenhouse Gas Emissions to produce polystyrene from recycled material than from virgin fossil material and consumes 15 times less energy. The $3.2 million awarded to Pyrowave will be used to create a dedicated Research & Development unit of three PhD engineers allowing the company to continue to innovate towards a circular economy solution to meet the global challenge of plastic recycling.

Read the Pyrowave press release here:

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