Pyrum, Basf and Mercedes-Benz to cooperate on recycling of tyres

Pyrum is closing material cycles together with BASF SE and Mercedes-Benz AG. For this purpose, Pyrum supplies the cooperation partner BASF SE with pyrolysis oil, which is used in combination with biomethane as a raw material in the production of virgin plastics for Mercedes-Benz vehicle components.

Pyrum will in future produce pyrolysis oil from discarded tyres using its own innovative pyrolysis process. BASF then feeds this into its Verbund at the start of production. In addition, BASF uses biomethane from agricultural waste, a renewable raw material. Using both raw materials, a completely new plastic is created.

The first series-production models from Mercedes-Benz will be equipped with door handles this year, in the manufacture of which fossil raw materials have been replaced by biomethane and pyrolysis oil from ELT. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class will also be equipped with a crash absorber made from the recycled plastic material. Further possible applications for the innovative recycled material are currently being explored.


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