Quantafuel and Geminor established new company, Polynate – Circular Plastic Solutions

Quantafuel and Geminor’s newly established company, Polynate – Circular Plastic Solutions, aims to take a leading position in the value chain for plastic waste recycling in the Nordics and the UK. The company will be led by Ralf Schöpwinkel, who comes from Geminor with 25 years of industry experience.

Polynate will only focus on plastic waste and its main focus will be on supplying the plastic recycling company Quantafuel’s current facilities in Kristiansund, Norway (mechanical plastic recycling), Skive in Denmark (chemical plastic recycling) and its planned facilities in Denmark and the UK. Polynate will also supply plastic waste to Quantafuel’s joint project with Eurazeo – ReSource, Denmark’s largest plastic sorting facility in Esbjerg, which will be ready to receive waste from early 2024. Polynate will also enter the British market, where Quantafuel has an ambitious project plan with several Plastic-to-Liquid (PtL) plants the coming years.

“We see a great potential here. Chemical recycling of plastics complements mechanical recycling, and significantly increases the overall recycling rate. Thanks to chemical recycling, it will be easier for many countries to reach their ambitious recycling targets. I am really excited and look forward to focusing exclusively on plastics and supporting the industrialisation of Quantafuel,” says Schöpwinkel.

Quantafuel’s core business is chemical recycling, which means that plastic waste is broken down to its original building blocks, consisting of carbon and hydrogen chains, in a pyrolysis process.

Read more at https://www.quantafuel.com/media#/pressreleases/ralf-schoepwinkel-becomes-ceo-of-new-plastic-recycling-company-3229624

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