RECENSO launches joint project for Chemical Recycling

RECENSO launches joint project for Chemical Recycling: “CLR2020” provides firsthand information on the conversion of mixed and contaminated plastic waste and the potentials of the new resource.

Chemical recycling is more and more identified as a key to a circular plastics economy. Polymer waste for which mechanical recycling is inappropriate can be converted into a liquid resource for the production of new high-quality polymers. RECENSO was the first to deliver such resource to BASF within the ChemCycling project.
Besides increasing its capacities to serve petrochemical industries with its product, RECENSO has launched “CLR2020” – a project to qualify different feedstock with regard to the conversion process and the quality of the conversion products. In cooperation with international partners from waste- and polymer industries different types of waste will be converted in the Ennigerloh pilot plant. The liquid resource produced is available in significant amounts to the partners for analysis and testing.
“CLR2020” will be accompanied by renowned and independent institutes. They will compile all relevant balance sheets and evaluate the conversion process from an ecological and economic perspective.

The RECENSO oiling plant in Ennigerloh applies Catalytic Tribo-Chemical Conversion (CTC) technology. Other than many applications of pyrolysis, CTC can be used on mixed and contaminated plastic waste. Proof has been made for the processing of feedstock containing up to 40% biomass, significant proportions of PET, PVC and flameretardant thermoplastics.

The continous single-stage CTC process is run in a closed system using friction as the only source of energy and applying a catalyst as a consumable. At process temperatures below 400°C hydrocarbons are cracked in a Tribo-Chemical-Reactor (TCR). Hydrocarbon chains up to C26 evaporate and are collected as condensate. CTC has higher efficiency and lower production costs compared to other methods. The modular structure of the system technology is optimally suited for decentralized use and thus makes regional value creation based on the resource of waste possible. The new liquid and storable resource is suitable as a raw material but also as a high-quality and storable energy source.

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