RECENSO selects COUNT to be exclusive sales partner

RECENSO chose COUNT Energy Trading as the Energy and Renewables facilitator to become its exclusive sales partner for liquid products gen-erated by its subsidiary CARBOLIQ from solid waste. First truckloads will be handled before end of 2020.

The engineers of RECENSO have developed a process that makes it possible to convert mixed and contaminated waste plastics into a liquid and universally usable hydrocarbon mixture. The new resource can then be used by the chemical industry as a feedstock for the production of virgin quality plastics. RECENSO’s plants for direct oiling work according to the CARBOLIQ process. Its industrial-scale pilot installation is located at the waste treatment centre in Ennigerloh. It is designed to produce 2,500 tons CARBOLIQ Resource (CLR) per annum with the capacity planned to be doubled next year.


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