ReNew ELP Announces Plastic Feedstock Supplier and Compliance Agreements

ReNew ELP have confirmed that a contract is now in place with Geminor UK Ltd to act as principal feedstock supplier to the North East based project.

The new agreement will see at least 15,000 tonnes of PE and PP rich plastic diverted away from incineration and into recycling per year, making up the majority of the feedstock supply for the first 20,000 tonnes per annum phase of the 80,000 annual tonnes per annum ReNew ELP project.

ReNew ELP is the first plant to use HydroPRS™, a recycling solution that uses supercritical water to convert waste plastics into shorter chain hydrocarbon products, the equivalent of fossil resource, for use in the manufacture of feedstocks to create new plastics.
The first phase of the project will see the construction of one of four recycling lines, each able to process 20,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually, due into operation by the end of 2022 – the remaining three lines will follow in quick succession.
Target waste plastic feedstock is post-consumer, contaminated plastic packaging, including flexible materials such as films, pots, tubs and trays. There is no limit to the number of times the same plastic can be recycled using HydroPRS™.


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