RITTEC recycles mixed textiles containing polyester

RITTEC Umwelttechnik GmbH from Lüneburg has succeeded in recycling textiles containing polyester and creating new textiles from the material itself as part of the DiTex research project.

With the help of its revolPET® technology, RITTEC has now succeeded in breaking down the polyester-cotton mixture from worn workwear into the basic chemicals for the production of new polyester. From these basic chemicals, the Thuringian Institute for Textiles and Plastics (TITK) produced new polyester yarn and finally new textiles.

RITTEC’s revolPET® technology is a continuous process for the recycling of polyester. The selective decomposition of polyester into its basic building blocks is realised for over 95 percent and at less than 160°C.

Read more at https://www.rittec.eu/press-reader/german-start-up-recycles-mixed-textiles-containing-polyester.html

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