‘Safe-by-design’ chemical recycling of plastic waste

Ana Somoza-Tornos, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, has received Seed Funding from the TU Delft Safety & Security Institute for the safe-by-design chemical recycling of plastic waste.

The chemical recycling of plastic waste (for the experts: hydrothermal liquefaction in this particular study) is useful to produce circular fuel and chemicals, but can also be dangerous due to unknown variations in the process conditions. The safe-by-design approach of Somoza-Tornos and fellow researcher Dr. Luis Cutz (3mE) ensures that the technology to recycle plastic waste can be safely scaled up from lab scale to large-scale operating factories.

Read more at https://www.tudelft.nl/2023/climate-action-programme/safe-by-design-chemical-recycling-of-plastic-waste

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