Unilever introduces new Magnum tub with percentage of recycled plastic

Unilever has introduced tubs for the Magnum brand containing recycled polypropylene.

The percentage of the recycled content was not specified. In a written statement to Plastics News Europe (sister title to PRW), the company said that the tubs were made using a mass balance approach.

“The recycled plastic is mixed with a conventional feedstock. All these materials are fully certified (ISCC-Plus certification) to improve traceability in the value chain,” noted the response.

The statement also said that the tubs had been developed in collaboration with Sabic, which had been working on the project with Unilever and Magnum since early 2018.

Read more at https://www.prw.com/news/unilever-introduces-new-magnum-tub-percentage-recycled-plastic

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